altThe key founders of Narita started operations in this very special field of the healthcare industry. We have in the last decades, maintained product integrity and security in the delivery of specialised machinery for hospitals and pharmaceutical supplies.

We offer flexible transportation and logistics solutions with many modes of transport to choose from, depending on urgency and size. These include air freight, ocean freight, road and courier, following forwarding procedures that meet the industry’s hygiene, temperature, and pressure requirements throughout the entire supply chain.

We work closely with you to design an optimal supply chain that adds value to your company, delivers cost savings, optimizes processes and provides additional major benefits like:

    •    High security and safety measures throughout the entire supply chain
    •    Dangerous goods handling capabilities
    •    Speed to market (e.g. product launch or stock-out)
    •    Full end-to-end supply chain visibility and lot traceability
    •    Global Regulatory & Security Compliance
    •    Information confidentiality (e.g. clinical trials)
    •    Validation and qualification of transport solutions or trade lanes
    •    Robust cold chain management and operational capabilities (temperature-sensitive handling)
    •    Value-added services such as re-labeling and secondary re-packaging
    •    QEP (Qualified Envirotainer Provider) certified

Our key partner Panalpina offers healthcare-specific services like:

    •    Special safety and security measures including FDA-registered office and warehouse facilities
    •    Quality and HSE management system based on ISO certification including subcontractor management
    •    Numerous TAPA A certified warehouses
    •    Best-in-class IT solutions
    •    Special containers for air and ocean freight to maintain specific temperature ranges
    •    Temperature data recording during transport and analysis
    •    Cold chain event management
    •    Humidity control
    •    Compliance with current GDP (Good Distribution Practice)
    •    Direct distribution, door-to-room and hospital delivery
    •    Product-specific packaging solutions

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