altThe key founders of Narita started operations in this very special field of the healthcare industry. We have in the last decades, maintained product integrity and security in the delivery of specialised machinery for hospitals and pharmaceutical supplies.

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altNarita extends the services of Panalpina to serve to emerging markets in Cambodia. For more than four decades, Panalpina has sustained a proven commitment to the oil & gas industry with a special focus on servicing the highly demanding upstream part of the business (exploration and production).


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The automotive industry’s complex supply systems pose a particular challenge and require expertise in information design, process planning and operations efficiency.

This is because the delivery of components from numerous companies in different countries must be carefully coordinated to ensure a smooth manufacturing and assembly process.

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Complete visibility and transparency within your supply chain are important conditions for a smooth process flow. Our automotive operations network and web-based software applications provide complete supply chain solutions that meet the complex demands of today’s Machinery based industry such as the agro-industry or the automotive sector.

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Finding and producing oil in challenging environments is a task that can be met by using smart solutions, from the extracting locations to the refineries. The Cambodian Oil and Gaz upstream industry is in its early days. 

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